The Bahamas is a synonym for a luxurious beach holiday: wide white sandy beaches, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and excellent coral reefs, duty-free shopping and hundreds of casinos.
What do Johnny Depp and Sean Connery, David Copperfield and Shakira, Mariah Carey and Michael Jordan have in common? All of them own beautiful properties in the Bahamas. This amazing region has received a status of the best place for beach recreation among Americans and other nations, and it is not surprising: palm trees sloped over the azure sea, snow-white sand, rich underwater life and even more exciting – nightlife. These are just a few things what catch your attention upon arrival. But as you walk further inside the islands, you unearth paradise. For example, very few people know about the popularity of the Bahamian casinos, with millions of dollars in circulation every week and about the same number of guests annually.
The main resorts of the Bahamas
The largest islands are New Providence, Grand Bahama, Andros, and Eleuthera.
Big Abaco is the second largest island in the Bahamas. It is well known to all yachtsmen across the world. The sailing season lasts from spring to autumn. The shallow waters along the coast are filled with tons of fish. Here you can do water sports, fishing, or visit duty-free shops in the largest city of the island - Marsh Harbor.
Long Island is hardly visited by tourists. And that’s unfortunate because it is the most picturesque island of the Bahamas, with beautiful nature and a lot of places completely untouched by civilization. On the northern tip of the island there is Cape Santa Maria - a long white sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in the western hemisphere. The main town of Stella Maris is a small but quite modern settlement, a starting point for diving and fishing expeditions.
The island range of the Exuma includes over 360 smaller islands, and in its southern part there are two fairly large islands - the Great and the Little Exuma, where the entire local population is concentrated. This archipelago is a real paradise for yachtsmen, because the local places are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world: constant tides that change the depth of coastal shoals make the sea look unusually beautiful. It is a great pleasure for diving fans.

Customs office

There is no currency control or any restrictions on import and export of foreign currency. For the export of local currency over 70 BSD per person a permit must be obtained from the Central Bank of the Bahamas.
Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 450 grams of tobacco; Up to 0,94 litres of jard liguor and up to 0,94 l of wine, as well as any other goods and products with a total value of up to 100 USD is allowed.
The transit of narcotic and explosive substances, objects of historical and cultural value and weapons is forbidden without possession of appropriate permits. For the export of agricultural products, plants of all kinds and wood carvings, a permit is required from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the country.

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