Attention, candidates for employment!
Due to a high volume of questions about positions, the owner of the clubs in Singapore and Bali made the following rule: -all questions and inquiries - in a verbal form (via voice messages, phone calls) or in writing (text messages, emails) are to be addresses directly to me and only to me; the managers of the clubs will not answer your questions properly. The girls that don’t follow this rule will be automatically black listed and will permanently lose an opportunity to work in the clubs of this particular owner.
This night club has been in business for quite a few years: it is known for its beautiful ambiance and attentive services of hostesses and gracious go-go dancers (mostly from Russia and Ukraine) from the countries of CIS and Eastern Europe. Located in an extremely popular entertainment zone of Singapore – Orchard Road (the Singaporeans themselves call it The Great Orchard Road), in a multi-storey shopping and entertainment complex where a lot of boutiques, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discotheques are crowded with people around the clock. The customers are local and visiting businessmen and bankers, tourists from Australia, New Zeeland, the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and China. They love to party and spend lots of money.
The club operates daily from 22:00 to 03:00, on Friday and Saturday - from 22:00 to 04:00. The club’s closing hours may be extended by 1 hour if the management decides to do so.
There are 20 girls on staff in the club at all times.
Singapore is a sovereign city-state where East meets West, where centuries-old traditions peacefully co-exist with modern trends of the megacity of the 21st century, with cutting-edge architecture of a business and financial center (one of the three largest centers in the world) and nature reserves (including equatorial rain forest). One of the highest levels of security on the planet, so any visitor or a tourist will feel comfortable at any time of the day, in any area of the city. This city is the center of stability and prosperity (devoid of effects of the crisis the rest of the world is plunging into), an oasis of well-being and chic, harmony and order.
Almost every seventh resident is a dollar millionaire, which makes Singapore the fourth in the world rating!
The girls that would like to work in Singapore should not be afraid of the competition because the competition is very high because there are a lot of girls that dream of working there.
The club offers employment to attractive girls between the ages of 18 and 35, with at least basic knowledge of English language that is required for socializing with the customers of the club.
A multiple-entry visa is issued electronically within 3-5 business days. You must provide a scanned colour copy of the passport and a high resolution 3x4 cm passport picture in colour, off white background (with covered shoulders) that you must attach to the application that you need to fill out on the website of one of the Singaporean agencies authorized by the Immigration Service of Singapore. Payment can be made with any bank card – around $40.
Filling out an application and making a payment is very simple.
If you have already been to Singapore, you must provide new photos – otherwise visa might not be issued.
IMPORTANT: if you applied for visa and you purchased return tickets on your own, the club will provide you with free accommodation for 2 nights or refund you the money for visa expenses after one month of work.
The visa confirms your legal status in Singapore for 2 months. One week prior to the expiration of 30 days, the girl must notify the manager of the club in order for him to re-register you ONLINE with the immigration service to stay for one more month. In very rare cases it is necessary, upon agreement with the manager of the club, to take a bus to neighboring Malaysia for a couple of hours and then return to Singapore, so during passport control they will extend your stay for one more month.
Failure to comply with this procedure will entail refusal of the club to reimburse the girl for accommodation expenses and ticket costs, regardless of whether the girl sold the required amount of beverages.
After the visa is re-registered for one more month, the girl must work at the club for at least 15 days after registration. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered a serious violation of established rules, and the club will not pay a salary, regardless of whether the girl sold the required amount of beverages.
If you wish to extend the visa for the third month, you will need to leave for any neighboring country (Malaysia, Indonesia - Bali, Thailand) for 5-7 days.
Combining business and pleasure! The girls may use this break from work and relax in a spa-like ambiance and become acquainted with a new country.

Term of work contract - from one month.
A work permit is issued for a period of three months.
The passport and the passport-size photo are the only documents required from the girl to conclude a contract, which is done on the spot according to the results of the assessment by the manager; proof of health issued by an authorized medical institution after a medical examination is also required. Medical examination and work permit are paid by the employer (over S $ 5,000 - SGD), and other related expenses do not become a financial burden for the girl.
The work permit is issued in the form of a plastic card. It cannot be extended. A new work permit can be issued no earlier than 12 months after the expiration of the previous permit.
Girls are entitled to one day off per week - Sunday or Monday (they can choose).
The main focus is on consumption, which, as a rule, can earn you several hundred dollars per night.
Go-go dancing is not a costumed on-stage performance and it only serves to attract attention of the guests of the establishment.
Thus, there is no need in stage costumes and shoes. Girls should be dressed as if they are going to a club: short dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings (no jeans or T-shirts), high-heeled shoes.
When working, the girl should look attractive, be always polite with other girls and courteous with the guests of the club.
Intoxication is strictly prohibited.
The minimum monthly salary is 3000 (three thousand) Singapore dollars (SGD). It includes a salary of 1200 SGD (approximately 1000 US dollars) paid once a month, provided that the girl sold the required amount of drinks (glasses) - 180 drinks per month, 10 SGD for each sold drink (180x10 = 1800, 1200+ 1800 = 3000).
If the girl was not able to sell the required amount of drinks, the salary decreases respectively.
If a girl sells 420 drinks within two consecutive months (at least 55 working days), she will receive up to 1000 SGD as a form of a compensation for a round-trip plane ticket. If a girl sells 210 drinks within one month, she will receive up to 500 SGD as compensation for her one-way ticket. If a girl sells 250 drinks within a month, her accommodation that month will be free of charge, and all previous payments for accommodation will be refunded to her.
Thus, if a girl sells the required monthly amount of drinks for two consecutive months, which equals 250 drinks on the last day of the month, the girl will receive a minimum of:
1200 SGD (salary) + 2500 SGD (for 250 sold beverages) + 600 SGD (refund for accommodation) = 4300х2 = 8600 SGD.
Prices for consumption (if the girl prefers, beverage could be non-alcoholic):
- a glass of cocktail (15 minutes of socializing) - 10 SGD (one chip is issued),
- a bottle of wine, liquor, etc. - 100 SGD (10 chips),
- a large bottle of champagne, 1.5 liters - 200 SGD (20 chips).
The money earned on consumption is paid daily, at the end of the shift. In this case, acquired chips are exchanged for money.
Girls keep their earned tips.
Keep in mind that every day the club deducts two cocktails on consumption in the form of two chips from each girl for provided accommodation, but only until she sells 250 drinks within a month, and in this case, the accommodation will be free of charge.
When a girl wants to know how much money she will be able to earn in the club, she must understand that, like in any other club, it depends on her competitiveness: communication skills and charm are more important than a super model appearance. That's why the ability to communicate in English is so crucial - after all, the vast majority of clients speak this language.
The club is well known to businessmen and tourists from all over the world. It provides an opportunity to earn a lot of money. Since Singapore does not have pronounced tourist seasons (after all, a significant number of people coming here are businessmen, financiers – not tourists, and, as you know, there are no seasons in the world of business and finances, and Singapore, along with New York and London is a part of this world), so you can earn a lot of money here, any time.
I should emphasize that girls do not pay me any commission; this is the responsibility of the club.
If you have not purchased a return ticket to your country yet, do not buy a ticket to Singapore with Qatar airways (Qatar) – if you don’t have a return ticket to your country, you will not be registered for a flight!
The club compensates up to 1000 SGD of the cost of your ticket, provided that you worked for two months (at least 55 days), sold 210 drinks within a month, and showed the manager of the club the receipt of payment for the ticket you’ve purchased.
The club does not credit a flight to Singapore because the owner considers purchasing a ticket by a girl a proof of her serious intention to earn a lot of money, which serves mutual interests. As a rule, the girl compensates her air travel expenses with the earnings acquired on consumption within one or two weeks, and within two months she compensates the expenses twice, but this time it’s at the expense of the club!
The club provides accommodation in apartments just 10 minutes away from the club for a fee mentioned earlier, and for those who sold 250 drinks within a month – accommodation is free of charge; 4-6 girls per room. Free Wi-Fi, washing machine, air conditioning, kitchen, and refrigerator are provided in the apartment.
If you want to work in a club in Singapore, fill out and send in a questionnaire.

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