Contract jobs in restaurants and clubs of Italy for girls

Positions for hostess (consumption) and dancers.
Your duty is to socialize with the guests of the club (no sexual relations!!!).
You show the guests to their table, have dinner with them in the club or a restaurant, and socialize with them (if your level of English or Italian language permits).
Work terms:
- The salary is 60 - 75 € per day +% (bonuses);
- The salary is paid every two weeks;
- Work hours: from 22.30 to 4-5.00 in the morning;
- One day off per week;
- The term of contract is 3 months;
- You can move around the city and throughout Italy on your free time;
- Insurance and visa are a part of your financial responsibility.
The employer provides convenient accommodation (at the hotel).
The cost of your medical care is included in your salary and is stipulated in the contract.
Visa processing takes about 20 days. Passport and other documents remain in your hands.

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