We can help you find legal job in the best clubs of Beijing and Shanghai

We will help you find a legal job in the best clubs of Beijing and Shanghai: CHOKOLATE, Angel Club, Baby Face, Vics, Banana, Tango, Mix Club, Propaganda, Nasa Disco, Re-V, Bar Rouge, MINT, Club G Plus, Club Sky, Atanu Signal Tower, 789 Nanjing Lu ...
We offer work for:
- go-go dancers;
- show dancers;
- go-go dancers with consumption.
We offer official employment under contract. We also provide assistance in purchasing airline tickets and arranging accommodation in China.
Terms of work in China for dancers:
- Term of employment contract - minimum 3 months;
- A girl will be issued a commercial type of visa, which must be obtained through the Chinese Embassy (consulate);
- To obtain visa, your Chinese employer will send an invitation, which you will bring with you to the Embassy (consulate) of China;
- The Chinese employer pays for a round-trip airfare, commercial visa, hotel accommodation and meals.
This work is for girls between the ages of 18 and 30, with valid international passport and basic knowledge of English.
In addition to the photos, the girl must present a 2-5 minute video of her dance performance.
Work schedule and salary:
- Number of working hours per day: 6, from 20:00 (sometimes from 19:30) to 02:00;
- One day off a week (you can freely move around the city on your free time)
- Salary starts at $1200;
- Additional income: chips for drinks ($ 800 a month on average).
You can work in different clubs simultaneously.
The advantages of working in China:
China is No.1 economy in the world. In addition, the number of men in China exceeds the number of women. There are a lot of opportunities for girls with European looks in China. Clubs prefer European-looking girls because they are very popular with the customers of the clubs.
Working in China is a great opportunity to earn a lot of money and live in an ancient and very beautiful country. Besides work, you will have time for recreation and a unique opportunity to get to know the culture. And if you are interested in learning foreign languages, then you will have a chance to learn a complex but interesting Mandarin language.
You will be provided with convenient conditions for living and working:
- Cozy hotel room;
- Monthly or weekly payments;
- An opportunity to visit theaters, markets, boutiques and shopping centers on your free time;
- You can travel around the country and learn about local culture.
If you really want to get a job as a dancer in China, contact the international recruitment agency - "LW AGENCY".
In addition to working in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, "LW AGENCY" offers you the following positions in the clubs of Hangzhou: Go-Go dancers and Go-Go dancers with consumption.
Requirements for girls:
- Age: 18-30 years old;
- Height: from 167 cm;
- Communication skills and self-presentation, ability to sustain a conversation;
- You can dance or learn to dance.
- Experience is not required.
Working conditions:
- Wages – fixed salary ($1500);
- Work schedule: from 22.00 to 04.00 am, six days a week;
- Flight and accommodation are paid by the employer;
- Basics of English language.
- Free accommodation: an apartment with hot water, Wi-Fi;
- Accommodation for two people in a room;
- The apartments are located within a five-minute walk from the workplace;
- There are a lot of cafes and restaurants nearby.
Important! Choreographers teach dancers at the expense of the club.

Work for girls in China - myth or reality? Can a girl with pleasant appearance, but without knowledge of Mandarin, get a highly-paid job in China?
Every year travelers come to Tianxia to touch a living history, unravel its secrets and get a taste of the exotic Eastern culture.

Beijing is the capital of China, its big and incredibly beautiful heart. There are large business and entertainment centers in the world, and wildlife on the outskirts! Chinese civilization is one of the oldest, with a variety of architectural and cultural attractions.
Today, China is one of the richest countries in the world: its businesses flourish, and so does the entertainment industry. Another important factor in favor of choosing work in China is the catastrophic shortage of female population, according to conducted studies.
China is not just a booming economy: it is a very beautiful country with centuries of history and a very interesting culture. Therefore, work in China will not only benefit you financially, but will also introduce you to historical and cultural values of this great country.
- The main historical pearl of China is the Great Wall of China - one of the 7 wonders of the world. This unique monument of defense architecture stretches for four thousand kilometers along northern China.
Astronauts say that it is visible from outer space. This is really an incredible sight: a stone snake creeps into the mountains, plunges into a seemingly endless forest.
One of the best attractions in China is the Forbidden City, located in the heart of Beijing. It is the largest palace in the world. It consists of 980 buildings. This great empire had been ruled by 24 emperors for five centuries. Currently, the Forbidden City is one of the main sights of pilgrimage. If you work in escort industry in China, you must visit this area!
- The big mosque in Xi'an is the oldest mosque in China. Zhujiajiao is the oldest city on the water. Native tribes gave it an elegant name - "Pearl City” for its amazing harmonious beauty, and travelers from the west called it "Venice of the East".
- "Oriental Pearl" is the second tallest television tower in Asia (468 meters), the fifth in the world and one of the main landmarks of Shanghai.
A little later we will tell you a little about the nightlife of Shanghai; hundreds of girls from Russia and other countries are already working in the numerous clubs. For them, working in China has already become a reality that helps them to stand firmly on their feet and be confident about tomorrow.
- The cave of the Kamyshovy flute near the city of Guilin is rightfully called one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It was named after a special kind of reed growing around it; in ancient times they produced the best flutes in China from that reed.

Apart from attractions, China is also famous for its amazing Chinese cuisine, based on the tips of Confucius. But food in different parts of the country is different. In the south there is always plenty of fresh seafood. In the north, when cooking dishes, cooks use a lot of spices.
Famous dishes of Chinese cuisine - a Peking duck, fried rice, tortoise soup, a century-old egg. China is beautiful all year round. A sunny day is a great opportunity for walking or sightseeing. Winter frosts are ideal for skiing in the mountains. When it’s raining, the most pleasant thing to do is to look at the city from the top floor of a high-rise.
Work for girls in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China. Up to 10 million people walk on the streets of Shanghai daily. People that love nightlife and club entertainment come here from around the world. In the city itself there are over 500 bars and nightclubs. So where are the most delicious cocktails and the loudest music? Where are the most beautiful girls?

Bar Rouge. This club is known for its beautiful terrace located on the 18th floor, which offers stunning views of the Pudong area. The most famous European and Chinese DJs perform in this club.
Fusion. Night club with its own team of dancers. Fans of entertainment can watch different go-go dancing shows every night. The staff of the club includes the bartenders that can not only mix delicious mojitos, but will surprise you with really acrobatic stunts.
M2. Foreigners love to come to this popular bar because world’s top DJs perform here, and you can only get to their performances by buying a ticket in advance. In addition to that, you can contact the promoter to reserve a table with free champagne and fruits.
M1NT. The club is known for its strict face control rules as it attracts all the elite of Shanghai. The status of the club is accentuated by the interior decoration, and there are sharks swimming in the aquariums. Prices in the club are pretty high.
MYST. The club with an underground atmosphere. It’s a hub for models, rappers, actors and other representatives of creative professions. The club regularly hosts such events as "lady's night" (when drinks for ladies are free) and various theme parties dedicated to the countries of the world.
Within two or three days of work in China, you will earn a considerable amount of money, which you will certainly want to spend on your own vacation! Visiting famous clubs will give you new strength and just make you fall in love with this country! Let us give you a few basic rules of behaviour in such establishments:
• Dress according to the dress code. Many times security has to ask club-goers who come to the club in flip-flops or shorts to leave;
• Try not to drink excessively. It never ends well;
• Do not get involved in an argument, let the security resolve the problem.
The main advice – take your good mood with you: it is the main component during a vacation.
Work for girls in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is rightfully considered the southern capital of China. The proximity of special administrative districts and free economic zones attracts businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Therefore, there is simply no shortage of customers in clubs, karaoke bars and other entertainment establishments in Guangzhou. There are always a lot of customers and most of them leave very good tips to the girls!
The main city of Guangdong - Guangzhou - is one of the oldest cities with rich history of Tianxia. Even if your visit is business-related and is limited in time, be sure to find some time to visit the main attractions:
- A walk along the Pearl River. Walk along the embankment during the day or sail on the steamboat in the evening.
- Yuexiu Park. A historical park with a monument to five goats as its main attraction. According to the legend, many moons ago, when the inhabitants of Guangzhou suffered from hunger, five goats descended from the sky and each kept a bunch of wheat. Thanks to those ears, people were able to survive.
- Beijing Street is a historic street where you can find excavations, ancient buildings, go shopping or have a snack in a cafe or a restaurant.
- Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, without a doubt, is one of the architectural monuments that tell the story of colonization of the south of China.
Walking tours and exhibitions are great but they don’t fill your stomach. But thanks to a large number of people of different nationalities that live in Guangzhou, you have an opportunity to try the cuisine of different countries of the world. There are also plenty of famous chain restaurants here: McDonalds, KFC, Do & Me, Starbucks and others. Many tourists prefer to go to HotPot restaurants, where visitors prepare their own food in individual saucepans. If you visit Guangzhou, you absolutely must try the dishes of Cantonese cuisine. Given the proximity to the sea, there is a wide variety of seafood cooked in different styles. But, perhaps, the main dish is a white chicken - White Cut Chicken. They serve the whole chicken, with head and legs. Girls, aren’t you tempted to go and work in Guangzhou? Are you still having doubts about it?
Work and travel in China. The country of the hot Eastern sun is waiting for you! Our agency will always be able to assist you in choosing the best money-making tour, and afterwards you will be able to say that work for girls in China is a real opportunity to become richer and happier!

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