We offer legal work in Turkey for DANCERS

We will help you find a legal job in the best clubs of Turkey: Monamour, Moskva, Baskent, Yeni Yakut, Ildyz, Sahil, Final, Hisar ...
Working as a dancer in Turkey is a safe and well-paid occupation for girls.
Our Agency also offers:
- Protection of interests of the girl throughout the contract;
- Consultations and practical assistance in processing documents and obtaining a work visa.
Documents for work in Turkey
To issue a work visa, you need to prepare color copies of the documents:
- a copy of the passport;
- a copy of the internal passport;
- a copy of the diploma from the educational institution or school certificate;
- 3x4 color photos (5 pieces);
- Full name of the parents (data from the birth certificate) or a copy of the certificate.
The documents must clearly show your home address!
Attention! If you have Belarusian citizenship, you need a diploma of choreographic education. This is a requirement of the Turkish consulate in Belarus.
Attention! If you are a citizen of Ukraine, you need a certificate of absence of criminal record. This is the requirement of the Turkish consulate in Ukraine.
After providing you with a document, you will be sent a contract that you need to read and sign. With this contract and other documents you must go to the Turkish consulate. We will help you to study the contract and arrange all necessary documents for the consulate for FREE.
Working conditions in Turkey for dancers:
- Registration of documents (opening of the service, taxes for the dancers) is paid by the clubs;
- dancers pay for work visa in the consulate, $ 50 when submitting documents, $ 150 when obtaining a work visa. If the dancer does not have the opportunity to pay, the clubs will credit a work visa;
- Upon arrival and departure to work, the debt will be deducted from the dancer’s salary daily;
- Clubs credit an dancer's flight one-way. If the the show-ballet has at least 6 people and comes to work for 12 months, the club pays for their tickets;
- Upon arrival in Turkey, dancers take tests to obtain medical books (credited by the club). Tests in the city of Ankara are ready within 6 working days, in Bursa and Izmir - within 3 working days.
- When medical book is received, the dancers register with the police to obtain a work permit (credited by the club);
- Permits to work in the city of Ankara are issued once a week on Tuesdays, in Bursa and Izmir - two days after the submission of documents;
- While waiting to receive a medical book and a work permit (polyscart), dancers have no right to start working in the club. At this time the artist can freely travel around the city;
- The club provides two meals a day for the dancers (Ankara).
The artist's salary ranges from $ 1500 per month (26 working days) - an average of 100 Turkish lira a day. On Sunday, the artist does not receive a salary; this amount is deducted for payment of health insurance.
2/3 of the amount of medical insurance is paid by the club, and 1/3 - the dancer pays herself and only on Sundays.
Clubs give 20 lire toward the payment for the hotel where dancers live.
During the first week of work in the club dancers receive a salary every day at the box office in the morning. Then, like all other employees, they switch to a weekly payment system.
The dancer has the right to receive an advance payment in the club, before he starts to work.
Money for consumption is issued every day at the end of the shift. Payment for consumption in Ankara - 4 liras for a glass of any drink, on Sunday - 6 liras. Bonuses for consumption: 75 cups a week - $ 100 bonus, etc. In Bursa 50 drinks per week - $ 50 bonus, 100 cups - $ 100 bonus.
Prior to receiving a medical book and the insurance cards, the dancers live in the hotel at their own expense.
A little more about work for girls in Turkey.
Work for dancers in clubs in Turkey is quite common for young girls. In Turkey, there are specially developed conditions for this work, and they are approved by the government.
The Government of Turkey provides foreign workers – dancers with SAFETY AT WORK. A special contract has been developed in the country, obliging clubs to conclude contract with dancers who came to work from another country (DOWNLOAD FORM).
In Turkey, there is no striptease and private dance, and even topless dances are forbidden, since the religious customs of this country are very strict and do not allow such behavior on the part of the girl.
In every prestigious club in Turkey there is a guard who carefully monitors the behavior of each client. Girls are completely protected from inadequate behavior of the club’s guests.
Work in Turkey consists of two parts: dancing and communication with the guests of the club.
The work day includes several performance on the stage of the club (3-4 times), and communication with the guests of the club in between.
We provide girls with accommodation in the hotel, for 2-3 people per room.
As you can see, working conditions in Turkey are absolutely transparent. If you want to live and earn in a country where there is a lot of sun and beautiful resorts, then Turkey is what you are looking for, and we are ready to help you!

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