Work in the clubs and bars of Germany: Munich, Baden-Baden, Dresden, Berlin.

We invite girls to work in bars, clubs, and karaoke bars in various entertainment establishments on different positions, depending on girls’ background and experience.
Here are some available positions: vocalists, musicians, dancers, hostesses, consumption, etc.
All expenses for registration of employment are paid for.
Employment is legal and meets the requirements of the Labor Code of Germany.
Work invitation is provided on the basis of an immigration-labor contract.
Issuance of work visa and availability of all social benefits.
Official registration through the German Immigration Service and the Ministry of Labor.
Requirements for candidates:
Girls from 18 to 35 years old, with pleasant appearance.
A girl applying for a hostess position must ensure that her guests are having a great time and she should be able to sustain a conversation at the table.
We welcome girls who have:
-basic knowledge of English,
-music education,
- work experience in the field of culture and art.
Considered citizenship: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and other countries.
Work conditions:
Employment contract for 1-2 years.
Employer provides:
-work visa,
-work permit,
-medical insurance,
-airline ticket.
-accommodation and meals during your stay in Germany.
Work visa is issued by the Embassy and the processing takes about a month.
Salary: starts at 1300 euro + 100% tip (over 2000 euro per month)
All German clubs have legal addresses and licenses for employment of foreign citizens.
Employment application procedures for clubs in Germany includes:
1. Filling out the form on our website (citizenship, age, height, weight and photo);
2. Interview via Skype;
3. Preparation of documents for the Ministry of Labor;
4. Purchasing an airline ticket;
5. Flying to Munich or Berlin, accommodation, getting to know the rules and getting started.

Note: sometimes we request a video material that confirms your skills: good singing, playing a music instrument or your ability to dance...

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