Argentina is a colourful country in South America bordering with such countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. The state occupies quite a large territory - 2.8 million square km, with plains dissected by mountains.
The Andes deserve special attention. This is the largest mountain range in the entire Western Hemisphere. Such a variety of relief is the reason for abundance ofminerals and raw materials, and there is a great potential for the development of the industrial area.
The population of the country is about 40 million people, the religious preference of most of them is Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism), and there is also a small number of Jews and Muslims.
Diversity of plants; the tropics border with semideserts. There are tree species: araucaria, cedar, lapacho, if you follow the southern part of the country - you will see reeds, reeds, water lilies, as the terrain here is boggier. You can also visit the woodlands, where acacias, mimosa, ostrich trees, palms grow.
Among animals, a special place belongs to the pale-gray real stove, which is one of the national symbols of the country. There are Pampas deer, Pampas cats, Magellanic dog. Most of them can be found in the Andes.
Argentina is a very hospitable State and that is why tourists pour in here all year round. If you want to visit this country, then we recommend that you start your trip from the capital - Buenos Aires. Accommodation and food here are quite expensive, but if you are closer to the outskirts of the city - it is quite affordable. Among the main attractions is the Cathedral, which keeps the remains of José de San Martín (national hero).
The Obelisk – the symbol of the capital – is erected in the center. Its height is 67 meters, but it took only 4 weeks to make it.
If you love opera, go to "Colon" theater, which is the main stage for opera in South America. It will charm you with its architecture and incredible performances.
The La Boca region deserves special attention. There is everything you need for cultural recreation: museums, exhibitions, restaurants, discos and much more. We can say that creativity "hovers in the air." Almost every resident has his own talent: drawing, singing, playing, crafting and, of course, dancing tango. The houses are very colorful but it is not a fashion trend: the area is populated, mostly, by immigrants who, due to lack of funds, could paint the walls, the roof and the doors of one house in three different colours.
Another popular place is the Iguazu Park with a beautiful waterfall named after it. It is divided between Brazil and Argentina. The natural and climatic conditions of the park are similar to the tropics. Multi-level trees, a variety of shrubs, herbs, and orchids grow in the forests.
As you can see, Argentina is a great place to relax. Plunge into the world of incredible nature and bewitching art - you will be full of impressions!

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