In the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea there is a small island of Barbados. Its area is 431 square kilometers, with flat terrain and short hills, the highest of which is Hillabi at 336 meters high.
The soil consists, mainly, of coral deposits.
A tropical climate with trade-winds.
According to the UN, Barbados has one of the highest standards of living and literacy.
The state consists of 11 districts, with Bridgetown as its capital. There are about 279 million people living here, and most of them are black. They are the descendants of slaves who work on reed plantations. They speak local dialect; the state language is English. Most of the residents are Christians, namely adherents of the Anglican Church, and Adventists, Catholics, there are Pentecostals and Baptists.

Barbados is famous for its botanical garden “Flower Forest”., several hundred rarest plants grow on its territory with natural landscape. The garden is situated on the hill in the central part of the island, and you can see the coast and other hills from there. Flower Forest attracts tourists not only with its rare fauna, but also with a peculiar design. There a a lot of gazebos and benches throughout the garden so you could sit down and take a few more minutes to enjoy this gorgeous scenery. Experienced guides will show the beauty of the island.
In the center of the capital, the city of Bridgetown, there is the Square of National Heroes. Its first name is Trafalgar (since it is an exact copy of the same square in London). You will also come across the monument to Admiral Nelson. Not far from it - a monument to those killed during the First World War.
St. John's District is adorned with a Gothic church; there had been a temple here before but it was destroyed by a hurricane. It has the Westmacotte monument - dedicated to Elizabeth Pinder.
Morgan-Lewis district has a historical and architectural monument - a windmill sugar mill. It was made of stone back in the 18th century. In the 60-s the mill was turned into a reed museum, but at the end of the 20th century they continued using it as intended. Nowadays they have guided tours where tourists are offered to see old photographs and look at how the mill opeartes.
These are just a few of the attractions of this small island. Visit it and see everything for yourself.

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