This state occupies the largest territory of South America - more than 8 million square kilometers. Brazil is one of the five largest and most populated countries in the world.
In addition, it has the largest number of Catholics in the world, because Catholicism here is the religion of the majority of people. Brasilia is the capital of the state.
Brazil borders with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru.
Most of the country is occupied by the Amazonian lowlandthat develops into hilly plains of the Guiana Plateau which transform into the high cliffs of Mount Roraima. The rest of the territory is the Brazilian plateau.
Brazil is a country with a hot climate. The average air temperature is 16-29 degrees C, with occasional frosts. In the western part of the country the climate is more humid, but it is quite the opposite in the eastern part of the country with occasional arid periods that can last for months.
Such heterogeneity in geographical location and climate influences a diverse animal world. The largest number of primates and freshwater fish populates the area. Brazil is the second among countries with a large number of amphibians and bird species.
If the climate and nature of Brazil is not a reason enough to visit this gorgeous country, we present you a list of the most attractive landmarks.
Amazon is a miracle of Nature. You love thrill and excitemen or you like visiting exotic places or you would like to see the longest river in the world? Then, it is the place to be. Its history begins with the 16th century when it was discovered by the Spaniard Francisco de Orellana. According to the legend, it received its name from a mysterious tribe of female warriors who had allegedly attacked the conqueror.
The statue of Christ the Savior is one of the main attractions of Rio de Janeiro. Its height is 38 meters. A monument was erected in honor of the millennium of independence of the country in 1931. The elements of the statue were made in France, and were transported to Brazil by rail.
Sports fans will not be able to pass Maracan - this is one of the largest stadiums in the country and, despite the fact that it was built more than sixty years ago, it still attracts attention of enthusiastic tourists.
Lencois Maranensis is a huge national park occupied by sand dunes that sometimes rise up to 40 meters above the ground. There are small lakes with turquoise-colour water situated amongst them.
So, these are some of natural and manmade wonders that tourists are able to see in this amazing country - Brazil.

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