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Great, well-known nightclubs in: - Lombardy - with its capital in Milan is a dream of any girl; - in the region of Piedmont - which borders with Switzerland and the Alpine part of France in northwest, with its location in the world-famous, attractive Turin (the capital of the region), less popular in Russia but extremely popular with European tourists, a beautiful ancient but otherwise young Alessandria; - in the most ancient city of Modena (in the region of Emilia-Romagna, which is more familiar by Rimini resort) - the driving force of the modern Italian luxury car industry (home of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini).
More details about Milan and Lombardy; Turin, Alessandria and Piedmont; Modena and Emilia-Romagna; about Italy - here.

The majority of the guests of the clubs are:
- Multinational, innumerable representatives of the fashion industry of Milan and crowds of fashion followers coming to see shows and hundreds of buyers of collections from around the world – all of them are very savvy and demanding;
- Tourists coming from all over the world to look at the unique sights of Turin, immerse themselves in the charm of Alessandria and admire the Alps and Alpine beauty of Piedmont – they are not just romantics and explorers, but also seekers of new sensations and adrenaline rush;
- And in Modena, obviously, the crowds that love Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and auto racing, buyers of exclusive cars - it's a lot of enthusiastic and gambling people.
And it repeats every year!
Clubs are open from 22:00 to 04:00-05:00, Friday and Saturday from 22:00 to 05:00-06:00, with one day off (usually Monday or Tuesday).
Clubs usually employ up to 20 girls from around the world.
Clubs approve girls with attractive appearance, slim figure, ages 18 to 35 years old, sociable, with conversational Italian or English, ready to work with clients and socialize with them.
Preference is given to those who have experience (although it is not a determining factor) and go-go dancers.
Girls who want to work in Italian clubs must realize that without charm, without emotionality, wit, ability to win over impulsive and hyperemotional Italian guests (and they are the vast the majority) and the ability to sell drinks, she will not be able to stay in competition with other beautiful, smart girls for too long.


30 days is the minimum term of employment in Italy.

The main job is on the consumption (hostess) - socializing with the guests of the club at their tables, which can bring unexpectedly high income.
Passive consumption, girls are not required to approach the guests and start communication in order to be treated with a drink. The floor is monitored by managers, and they invite you to the tables.
Exception: the clubs where wages are paid on a daily basis. There, the girls approach the guests themselves.
In some clubs, if a girl is a dancer, she can arrange her own performance (at her own will) once a week, on Saturday, and she will be paid separately, with managers’ consent.
Girls should be dressed elegantly and look attractive: short dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, tops (but not jeans, trousers or T-shirts), shoes and sandals must have high heels, beautiful hair and make-up.
Girls must be always polite to other girls and courteous with the guests of the club.
Intoxication is strictly prohibited.
Fixed salary: 50-70 euro per shift. Higher payment is offered to the girls who speak Italian and / or bring high profits to the club when working on consumption.
Payments are usually made twice a month. It is possible to issue a payment advance in between payments. In clubs with active payments, payments are made daily.
Prices for consumption (can be non-alcoholic, at the request of the girl):
- for every glass of any drink, including non-alcoholic beverages - 50 cents-1 euro (duration - 20 minutes).
When girls sell 110-200 drinks within a month, each subsequent one is usually paid in the amount of 5 euro per drink. Important: as a rule, during the first two weeks of work, the newly arrived girl does not need to sell aforementioned amount of beverages;
- for a bottle of wine at the price of 100 euro - 5 euro;
- for a bottle of pink wine at the price of 130 euro - 6 euro;
- for a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne, Veuve Clicqout for 180 euro - 9
- for a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne at the price of 350 euro - 13 euro.
Consumption per bottle - lasts 1 hour.
As a rule, bonuses are also paid for each plate of any food ordered by a guest during the consumption - 5 euro.
Girls keep earned tips
When a girl is interested in how much she will earn in the club, she must realize that, like in any other club, it depends on her competitiveness, charisma and sociability and not so much on the model appearance. That's why it's so important to communicate in English and even more - in Italian - because the vast majority of clients speak the language of Adriano Celentano and Eros Ramazotti.
The clubs are well known amongst businessmen and tourists and, of course, it provides each girl with an opportunity of earning a lot of money; you just need to be able to use this opportunity the right way. Since there is no tourist season in Milan, Turin, Modena in particular (because clients of the clubs are not tourists- as mentioned earlier), you can be earning a lot of money here all year long.
I must emphasize that girls do not pay me any commission; it is the club’s responsibility

Clubs do not credit a flight to Milan or Bologna (the nearest Italian airports); the fact the girl acquired a ticket herself proves her serious intention to earn money and bring income to the club. As a rule, the cost of airfare is paid off within two to three weeks on consumption.
Clubs provide free accommodation in cozy apartments, 2-3 girls per room. There are all necessary home appliances.
Transfer from the apartment to the place of work and back is paid by the club.

If you want to work in Italian clubs, fill out a questionnaire and send it to us.

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