A prestigious nightclub of St. Julian's with active nightlife on the island of Malta, famous for its antique and particularly medieval architecture, with its distinctive Mediterranean beaches and unique atmosphere, with romantic days and an out-of-this-world fun nights.
The club is located in the most crowded area of ​​town - Paceville, known for its discos, nightclubs and the largest casino in the country.
Working hours: from 21:30 to 05:30, one day off.
Malta (Malta) is an island state with an area of ​​only 316 km ², located in the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km south of Sicily. It is one of the smallest, but one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is formed primarily by the islands of Malta and Gozo, as well as the poorly inhabited island of Comino and a tiny Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul's and Manoel's, which are inhabitable. The length of Malta is 27 km, the width is 15 km (less than the diameter of the Moscowskoe Koltso ). Gozo is half its size, and Comino is only 2 km long.
The capital of Malta is Valetta, only 0,8 km² , which makes it the smallest in the European Union.
State languages: English and Maltese.
More information about Malta is here.
The club offers work to dancers of pleasant appearance, ages between 21 and 35, sociable, with knowledge of conversational English, at least the basics; work on consumption is mandatory.
Work under the contract for a period of one month.
A girl must perform 5-6 dances per work shift in the bikini, on stage (3-4 minutes), providing her own music tracks. At the request of the club’s manager, topless stripteaseperformance is required.
The duties of a dancer include performances of lap dance, table dance, and private dance.
Consumption may be non-alcoholic (upon agreement with bartender).
Girls should look elegant and attractive, have appropriate hair and make-up, wear their own dance costumes to perform on stage, and wear their own long and short dresses and wear shoes with high heels only while on the floor. Girls must be always polite to other girls and courteous with the guests of the club.
Conflict of interests of different girls is unacceptable, for example: a dancer has no right to sit down at a table while another dancer is socializing with the guests at that table without her permission.
Intoxication is strictly prohibited.
Open system.
All the money earned during the shift is shared with the club in the following way: 60% - to the girl, 40% - to the club.
Commission of girls on consumption:
- 2 euro for each drink,
-girsl receives between 10 and 35% of the price of any bottle of alcohol, including champagne (half an hour of communication with the guest), and 25% of the cost of any food ordered by the guest in the restaurant of the club.
Payment for lap dance, table dance, private dance: 20 to 100 euros.
Payments to dancers is once a week, on Wednesdays.
During the first days of work a deposit of 300 euro is taken out from the earnings of the girl to ensure she will work in the club for at least 4 weeks. After this period, the deposit will be refunded.
It should be noted that girls do not pay me any commission; it is the club’s responsibility.
Girls always wonder how much money they can earn in this club. There is no definite answer because, obviously, like in any other club it depends, first and foremost, on her competitiveness, charm, grace and sociability and not as much - on her model appearance (although appearance is certainly very important). And that's why the ability to communicate in English is so important: most of the club's guests speak this language.
The club is certainly well-known to tourists and Europeand who love to gamble (that come specifically to gamble in the largest casino on the island - after all, gambling is not allowed in most of EU countries); they visit Malta all year round (the climate here is mild, and Europe is not far away - so in winter there are always a lot of people in the country), There is a great opportunity for each girl to make decent money; you just need to be able to take advantage of it – the sky is the limit.

The girls purchase round-trip airline tickets to Valletta (the capital of Malta) on their own. Transfer from the airport and at the end of the contract - to the airport is free.
The club provides dancers with free, convenient apartments close to the club, with kitchen, TV and Internet, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom. Each room accommodates 2 girls. The girls pay for electricity and water (usually about 1 euro per day).
Meals in the restaurant of the club are offered to the girls with a 50% discount.
If you want to work in Malta, fill out and send in your application, with several of your recent, clear photos: full-length and close-up without glasses.

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