Dominica is a country that is located on one of the islands of the Caribbean Sea. This island of volcanic origin has a small area (754 sq. m). The city of Roseau is the capital of Dominica. 's territory there are more than seventy thousand people living on the island, and about 14 thousand of them live in the capital. Very often they confuse Dominica with the Dominican Republic, but they are quite different countries. Dominica is a "green" country, consisting of mountainous tropics, with hot and cold springs beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and dead volcanoes. The highest point of Dominica is the dead volcano "Dyabloten" 1447 meter high.
Dominica has a tropical climate with plenty of rains and strong winds. The average annual temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. Dominica stands out for its abundant vegetation: palm trees, bamboo, orchids, lianas. The animal world of the island is also diverse: beautiful butterflies (40 species), lizards, boas and snakes (Dominica has four kinds of snakes, and there are no venomous snakes). Dominica is one of the few islands that have preserved its original appearance.
Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered the island. The Dominicans are mainly engaged in agriculture. The national language is English, but French is also popular. The state currency is the East Caribbean Dollar. The beaches of the island consist mainly of black and yellow sand, as well as volcanic rocks. Seawater is slightly murky. Tourists are offered to visit waterfalls, hot springs, national parks. The most popular among tourists are: the Morne-Trois-Piton Park with a lake with boiling water, and the "Northern Forest" park with very rare parrot species. One of these species of parrots is called "Sisserou" (Imperial Amazon), which is a symbol of the state (the national flag contains the image of the parro).
The main attraction for tourists – the indigenous settlement of the Caribs, the last remaining settlement of its kind, located on the north side of the island. These people live in houses that stand on piles. They are engaged in crafting - making various wicker items, as well as processing plantations, growing bananas and breadfruit. Tourists often buy wicker items as souvenirs. The capital of Dominica is a rather poor city, but it is quite cozy and clean. There are several monuments of architecture In the "Roseau": the Catholic Cathedral, the "OldMarket" area and the library of the Carnegie Endowment.
If you visit the island between November and March, you will be surprised by a warm weather without any clouds. If a Russian citizen arrives in Dominica for a period not exceeding 21 days for tourism purposes, a visa is not required. On the island there is the state college "Clifton Dupingi", where students receive a quality education. Many are sent to study in Cuba, the US and other countries. Underwater world of Dominica is gorgeous, with underwater caves and turrets, overgrown with corals; dive deeper and you will encounter whales and dolphins.

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