Highly paid jobs for attractive girls

Upscale international escort agency is offering highly paid escort jobs to attractive girls.
We offer cooperation to young and attractive girls who want to work in escort industry in the most luxurious locations of the European Union, Canada and South America.
The agency has years of work experience and a database of reliable partners, which guarantees our girls a high salary in the shortest time and a good mood during a working process.
We are looking not just for VIP models – we are hiring attractive girls from every walk of life! In our escort agency girls that know how to engage a client and accompany him, earn a lot of money, and they do not always look like models.
Work in escort abroad usually entails short-term trips to escort city tours that last between 10 and 90 days, as well as trips to the largest cities in the world.
Our agency has reliable partners in Nice, Rome, Milan, Brussels, Athens, Thessaloniki, Toronto and Lima. Therefore, the girl's salary for escort is directly proportional to her appearance and business qualities. Both our customers and our agency value the following qualities in our models:
* Beauty. As you know, beauty rules the world. Beautiful women have always been worshiped by men. We always have a lot of work for beautiful girls; thousands of customers every day are looking for a company for themselves on various websites of escort agencies. Many of them are serious, wealthy people, businessmen, athletes, scientists, and artists. And people that are used to having the best are ready to spend piles of money on entertainment and attractive girls.
* Well-groomed appearance. It is one of the main features of an escort girl. The ability to dress elegantly, apply makeup to the occasion, have beautiful hair, skin and hands – these are the necessary requirements for success. Customers always pay much attention to looks of the escort model. The big tip is given to those girls who look more expensive – it is the rule of escort industry.
Sociability. Communication skills are very important in escort. A call-girl should be able to easily get on with people around her: both with clients and with a hiring agency. For successful work with clients, a girl must know at least one of the foreign languages at a conversational level.
Wit. Erudition and sense of humor have always emphasized girl’s charm, because a real gentleman always values the quick-wittedness of escort girls. Many customers are looking for an interesting companion who can listen and support a conversation.
Punctuality. In modern Western business world only time is more valuable than money. You cannot buy or turn back the time. All business people plan their time schedule in advance. When the client of the escort agency receives quality and timely service, the client appreciates it and understands that it is necessary to pay for it. Therefore, punctuality is one of the main requirements for escort girls.
We have been running our business for many years and we have a good business reputation in many countries. We have an extensive database of wealthy and generous customers.
During the trip in the escort tour you have an opportunity to visit several cities or even several countries. Your earnings for an escort tour can go as high as 15,000 euro - just in 2 weeks, provided that you meet high standards of our customers.
If you think that our job offer in escort services would fit you, please fill out the form on our website.

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