Jobs for young ladies and jobs for young ladies abroad obtained with the help of our agency is a real opportunity to live and work in the most beautiful places: the US, Moscow, China, Paris, South Korea… All positions are legal. Open casting calls. No matter where your next job will take you – the US, China … it will be safe and you will feel comfortable.
We offer employment in restaurants, night clubs, massage parlours, expos and media events. The girls that collaborate with us participate in official meetings of different levels and provide escort to public people.
Why Choose Us:
1. Reliability. We partner with verified, reliable companies only: modeling agencies, clubs, bars, hotels, expo centers, and massage parlours. All these companies have been in business for over 5-10 years and have a great reputation.
2. Interesting options. We find employment not just for famous models, experienced masseuses and circus artists but also for girls with attractive appearance. Words “hostess” and “consumption” still cause controversy in Russia, but in reality there is nothing embarrassing or shameful behind those notions. The goal of the girls working on those positions is to attract customers to a club or a bar and create a pleasant ambiance for them. They don’t dance for customers: the most they would have to do is to sustain a conversation with a client and get paid for it. You might ask: “What’s the benefit for the establishment?” – The customers return to the establishment becoming regular clients, and they eagerly spend money. Such establishments don’t need to hire expensive models for events: clients are excited to use services of the girls that work there!
3. Variety. Clubs, modeling agencies, restaurants, massage parlours and entertainment establishments in Russia are only a small part of the options that we offer. We also collaborate with various establishments in the US, China, South Korea, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland…
4. Safety. When we offer a modeling or an escort job, we ensure that girls know what positions are available – we do not deceive them. We provide maximum transparency. Some girls prefer to be among the extras on the set; others get noticed in the music video and become popular overnight, and that popularity brings more jobs and contracts. There are those who love to accompany clients to various events. The establishments in Russia and the international companies we are collaborating with have the required licenses and conduct business in accordance with the requirements of the local law.
5. Experience. We have been providing employment to girls in Russia and abroad for over 7 years and we always conclude an official contract with every applicant. And we also provide assistance in obtaining visa to the country you are planning to work in.
IMPORTANT! Employment is legal; the provided services do not violate the laws of the country you are planning to work in.
Employment for girls in the USA, China or Moscow – not sure what to choose? Our company will make it easy for you.
If you are looking for changes in your life, you are energetic and full of ambitions – you definitely need to contact our company! Don’t put your life on hold – call us right now and let’s schedule the most significant interview of your life! Our agency collaborates with the best establishments around the world, and we guarantee that your job will be safe and comfortable!

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