Job abroad: choosing a suitable position
If you are interested in working abroad, you need to determine what position will suit you and choose from a large number of offers.
How to find a good contract for a job abroad? When looking through offered positions, you need to choose the one that will bring you not only great income, but also will give you a sense of confidence and security.
Working abroad is an opportunity to earn money and improve your professional level, to visit another country. That is why many girls prefer such professions as a dancer, model or hostess model. Very often people face a question: How to find a good contract among hundreds of contracts?" To answer this question, stick to the following points:
- Look though all offered positions, study them in detail, pay attention to all the terms in the proposal. (You can view the section "Positions" on our website);
- Assess your abilities in accordance with the requirements. For example: assess your appearance: height, weight, age; assess your skills: it could be choreography, ability to communicate with people, experience in certain fields; knowledge of foreign languages ​​(as a rule, for most contracts knowledge of basic English is sufficient enough to communicate with management);
- Think about how long you would like to work, when you can start working; your level of preparedness, for example: availability of costumes, solo performances and the field of work that suits you;
- Choose the country that has an interesting job offer for you. You can select a few countries to choose from later.
- From all available proposals choose the one that attracts you the most and is suitable for you.
- Give it some serious thought; discuss it with family and friends. Consider all the pros and cons. Read about the country and peculiarities of work in that country. Gather maximum information and make a decision. After all, a properly set goal is the key to successful results.
Fill out the form and send in the questionnaire (by mail or through our website). Carefully select the information for your resume and provide reliable information. Do not forget that you need to introduce yourself in a way that would spark interest of a potential employer. So, if you are interested in the position of a hostess-model, specify your age, height and weight, the parameters, send photos of yourself, including your body and your face. If you want to work as a dancer, do not forget to provide photos in costumes and photos from your previous job. It is also necessary to prepare a high-quality video in advance. Contact us after sending in your resume.
Do not wait for a response: if you want to work, ensure that you stand out from the competition by using all available means of communication. Negotiate with our agency, prepare all the documents for visa, get ready and go conquer new cities and countries =)

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