Jobs for solo dancers in Japan

We invite you to work in Japan
Work for solo dancers

Conditions of work and receipt of documents:
1. Types of dance performances: topless and GO-GO;
2. Wages: from $ 800 per month, (about $300 out of it is spent on food monthly);
3. The round-trip airfare is paid by the employer;
4. Accommodation in 2-3 bedroom apartments close to work (paid by the employer);
5. The time of work in different clubs is different.
6. The show, as a rule, consists of three performances, fifteen minutes each;
7. Medical insurance is paid by the employer, except for gynecologist and dentist services;
8. The contract is concluded for six months or more;
9. After receiving a work permit, the girl is interviewed at the Embassy;
10. Document processing from the day of application was submitted to obtaining work visa at the Embassy takes 3-4 months.
11. You will fly to Tokyo immediately after obtaining a work visa,.
12. Work without sexual relation and consumption!!!
Additional income:
The chip system for show-ballet and topless GO-GO dancers: by the guests purchase "chips", which are then distributed between dancers (1 chip - 100-200 Yen = 1-2 dollars).

List of documents for employment in Japan:
1. Portfolio photographs;
2. Photos for documents (8 items 4,5х4,5);
3. A photocopy of the passport and all visas, if available (2 copies);
4. Photocopy of the passport (all pages);
5. Diploma of choreographic education (original). You can provide a photocopy certified by a notary;
6. Certificate of work experience as a dancer or ballet dancer (at least 2 years after graduation);
7. A photocopy of the marriage certificate (or change of surname);
8. A photocopy of the certificate of marriage or divorce of parents;
9. Birth certificate (photocopy).
Work as a hostess with consumption.
The city of Nagoya. "White Lady" nightclub
Conditions of work and receipt of documents (see above) [/ h4]
Salary - 800-1000 $ per month;
Working hours from 19.00 to 02.00, Sat. And Sun. Until 03.00;

Additional income:
1. Hostess system (the hostess of the table), hourly payment (1 point - 400 Yen. = 4.5 dollars (more than 2 hours), 30 points in 10 days - 500 Yen = 8 dollars;
2. Dokhan system: from 20 to 22.00 - an invitation to the restaurant and arrival with a guest in the club after the restaurant (payment for one dokhan 1000 Yen =10-15 dollars, 5 dokhan in 10 days - bonus 5000 Yen = 50 dollars) .

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