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A prestigious nightclub of St. Julian's with active nightlife on the island of Malta, famous for its antique and particularly medieval architecture, with its distinctive Mediterranean beaches and unique atmosphere, with romantic days and an out-of-this-world fun nights.
The club is located in the most crowded area of ​​town - Paceville, known for its discos, nightclubs and the largest casino in the country.
Working hours: from 21:30 to 05:30, one day off.


The best nightclubs in the capital of Lebanon - Beirut and in the neighboring resort of Jounieh (Fr. Jounieh) - a city with a population of 100 thousand people, the center of a vibrant nightlife, with a lot of bars, restaurants, discos, the largest casino in Lebanon and the whole Middle East - Casino du Liban.


The best topless club not only on the island, but also in the Caribbean, that has been operating for many years, and it explains its popularity with regular customers, mainly from the US, Canada, as well as from the "mother" Holland (the Netherlands) and France. Why from these European countries?
The answer is simple: on the basis of the treaty of 1648 the island was divided between the two countries.


Nightclub in the south of Spain near the Mediterranean coast has been known for many years and is popular not only among tourists and very respectable gentlemen who come to play on the world-famous golf courses in the neighborhood, but also among the local respectable latifundists whose estates and endless lands are located nearby.
Another nightclub that was opened recently in a wonderful seaside resort has already won hearts of crowds of vacationers!
Clubs are open from 21:30 to 05:30.
A 6-day week, Sunday is the day off.


Luxurious and well-promoted gentlemen clubs, 16 years in business, in one of the world's leading financial centers - Hong Kong - China's special administrative region, which is a magnet for bankers, financiers, rich people from all over the world who prefer it to their countries due to higher standards of business and life, a possibility of obtaining more profits with sparing taxation. The number of Hong Kong millionaire residents is amazing - 12% of the adult population, or more than 700 thousand people (triple in the last 10 years)!


Luxurious and ultra-modern club on the largest and most developed, popular and noisy resort of Bali island - Kuta - a suburb of the capital of Denpasar island.
Being the most prestigious club, it is a must-visit venue of the resort surrounded by hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars, other clubs, souvenir shops and fashion boutiques, which all together attract a million tourists annually - from Australia, Europe and the States! A lot of them are from Singapore – that’s the benefit of flying just 2.5 hours.


Well-known for about 20 years, the prestigious strip clubs in Athens, the capital of Greece located in the popular area of ​​Haidary in the west of the city determines the circle of the guests: all year round it is prosperous Greeks all year round (businessmen, lawyers) and an endless crowd of all of Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Australians and so on - all those who come here to enjoy the ancient history and get acquainted with the monuments of Orthodox Christianity; in Rhodes, it is in the majority - the British and Germans and other European lovers of both old-fashioned antiqu


Known for 15 years, this prestigious strip club in the second largest city of Slovenia, Maribor - one of the most beautiful cities in this country, famous not only for its medieval architectural monuments, but also for thermal springs and the international ski resort of Marioborskre Pohorje, Maribor was granted the status of Alpine city.
This also determines the circle of the club's guests: respectable European tourists, mainly from Austria.


Known in Slovenia and abroad, a nightclub in the wonderful town of Žalec (Slovene - Žalec) in the center of the country, located on the picturesque hills in the Savinja River valley, next to the European spa resort and the historic towns of Celje and Lashko, visited by tourists from all over the world, Europe and, above all, neighboring Austria.
This also determines kinds of the club's guests: respectable European tourists, mainly from Austria.


Elitist gentlemen club, a part of the world famous and legendary chain of North American stripclubs located in the second most populous city of Mexico - Guadalajara (Spanish Guadalajara) - famous for its colonial Spanish architectural and cultural capital of the state, its economic locomotive - the Mexican Silicon Valley, which attracts many businessmen and tourists from all over the world.


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