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Short description:
Monaco is the capital of a tiny state of Monaco preserved in Europe since the feudal times.
Monaco is a city-state. Formula 1 Racing and the famous area of ​​Monte Carlo casino made this city popular. The city has a medieval look of luxury and wealth. The main attractions are the Prince's palace and the famous Oceanic Museum.
Area and location:
The area of ​​the capital is 184,750 square km.Monaco is located in the south of Europe and it has access to the Mediterranean. It borders with France. Monaco is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
The population of the country is 32 965 people.
Brief historical insight:
In 1215 the territory of modern Monaco was the the colony of the Republic of Genoa. In January of 1297 during the Civil war Monaco took supporters Grimaldi. Since then, the Grimaldi dynasty has been ruling the country. This date is usually considered the day Monaco gained its independence.
The main sights of the capital are St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Oceanographic Museum. This museum was headed for some time by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. One of the oldest buildings is the Chapel of Mercy. Every day the capital of the principality and the residence of the Prince’s family are visited by many tourists.
Cultural life:
The Principality of Monaco is a significant cultural center of Europe. In different years Shalyapin and Pavarotti performed on the stage of the Opera of Monte Carlo and in the house of the Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1911, Sergei Diaghilev founded the Russian Diaghilev Ballet. The Great Literary award, the Prince Rainier III Musical Prize and the International Prize in the field of contemporary art are being awarded annually in Monte Carlo. The International Circus Festival and the International Television Festival are held in Monaco.
The nightlife of Monaco is very diverse. It will take you more than a week just to visit the most famous hubs of nightlife. The first place, of course, belongs to Monte Carlo casino. Halls with slot machines are open from 10 am, but the main action takes place after sunset.
Like in any other major tourist city, you can buy everything in Monaco. But only in Monaco there is an opportunity to buy rare beauty pottery, crystals, perfumes, delicious candied fruits and chocolate.
The cuisine of the Principality of Monaco is a mixture of the culinary traditions of France and Italy. Here you can feel the influence of different regions of France and Italy. Favorite food Monegasques - vegetables and root vegetables, cheeses, steak with fried potatoes, ragout with sauces, snails, fish dishes. The inhabitants consume a lot of wine and coffee.
Where to go with children:
You can take a walk on the track of Formula 1, especially since the route passes through the main streets of the Principality. Many hotels have amusement parks.
Currency exchange:
Monaco’s currency is euro. Rate to ruble: 1 euro = 38.7 rubles.
Holidays and festivals:
In addition to various cultural festivals, the April festival of flowers is held in Monaco. The most popular are the International Circus Festivals (December), jugglers (March) and the Festival of Fireworks
Internal transportation system:
Monaco is connected with the outside world by railway, roads, sea and air. Within the country it is convenient to travel by car or on foot. There are two sea ports in the city: La Condamine and Fontvieille. You can take a helicopter from the Principality to the airport of Nice.

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