General information
Any description of Montenegro in guides and promotional materials usually begins with a quote by Byron:
"At the time of birth of our planet the most beautiful of the land and sea encounters occurred in Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sown, a whole handful came to this land.
George Gordon Byron »
And this is not an accident. A small fairy-tale country is a real pearl created by the sea in the depths of the Black Mountains. Its beauty, shining with multicolored sparkles of the sea, red tiled roofs, dazzling emerald greenery of forests, bright flowers in meadows, flowerbeds, window sills and white walls of old churches - on the most exquisite posters with a Mediterranean landscape. The mountains in these places grow as if straight out of the sea. On the coast - abundance of Mediterranean vegetation: agave, aloe, palm, magnolia, eucalyptus, oleander, mimosa, and cacti. In the forests in the north there are bears, wolves and foxes.
In the country of the Black Mountain people are hospitable, open, cheerful, always ready for a sincere conversation and ... close to us in spirit.
Montenegrins have 10 traditional commandments. Of course, you can see them only on souvenir mugs and postcards, but, as they say, "in every joke, there is some truth."
10 commandments of the true Montenegrin:
1. A man is born tired and lives to rest.
2. Love your bed as much as you love yourself.
3. Have a day's rest to sleep at night.
4. Do not work - work kills you.
5. If you see that someone is resting - help him.
6. Work as little as possible: share it with others.
7. No one has died from rest.
8. All diseases come from work: do not die young.
9. If you want to work, sit down, rest, and the desire to work will go away.
10. If you see that someone is feasting - join, if you see that someone is working - go away and do not disturb them.
Geographical location, nature
Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The highest mountain peak: Bobotov Kuk (height 2522m.). The deepest gorge is the Canyon of the Tara River (depth - 1300 m.). The largest lake is the Skadar (391 km2), the largest bay is the Boka Bay. The length of the coast is 293 km. The length of the beaches is 73 km.
The capital, the largest cities:
Capital: Podgorica, the administrative and economic center of the republic with a population of 159,000 inhabitants. The historical and cultural center of Montenegro is the city of Cetinje.
Weather and Climate:
Mediterranean. The maximum sea temperature in summer is 27.1 C. The average sea temperature in summer is 24.7C.
Swimming season - from May to October. In summer there are no high waves, with light, pleasant wind. The colour of the sea water varies from dark blue to greenish-blue.
Population is 650000 people. The main population is Montenegrins and Serbs; minorities - Albanians and Croats.
The official language is Serbian.
Montenegrin and Serbian population, mainly, profess Orthodoxy, Albanians - Islam, Croats - Catholicism.
Holidays and days off:
Public holidays: January 1 - New Year, April 27 - Republic Day, May 1 - Labor Day.
Republican national holiday: July 13 - Day of the uprising in Montenegro.
Montenegrin cuisine in many respects is similar to Serbian: wide use of vegetables, meat and spices. In Montenegro dishes with fish and seafood are very common. At the same time in Montenegro meat dishes, mostly from lamb and pork, are also popular. And in Montenegro they love ham very much. They serve ham as a cold snack, for example, to grape moonshine. This is a national alcoholic beverage made from the best varieties of grapes, such as first-born and kruna.
In Montenegro there are two international airports - in Tivat and Podgorica. The national airlines are Yugoslav Air Transport (JAT) and Montenegro Airlines. Railway. Subotica - Novi Sad - Belgrade - Bar. Port: Bar. Daily ferry service to Italy (Bar-Bari line). The Adriatic main road connects all the locations on the Adriatic coast.
2 hours behind Moscow time.
Visa and customs control:
For citizens of the Russian Federation entry into the country is visa-free.
Foreigners can import and export unlimited amount of foreign currency declared upon arrival to the country.
Additional Information
Tourism in Montenegro is developing very rapidly after a long period of stagnation - many hotels are being modernized and reconstructed.
Montenegro offers vacationers more than 150,000 seats per season, with more than 35,000 - in hotels.
Montenegro has its own hotel classification - Deluxe, Category A, Category B. Many small, private hotels emerged recently, and in Montenegro they are called villas and apartments. Typically, this is a newly built 2-5 storey buildings with cozy rooms and apartments, equipped with air conditioning; it is a good alternative to hotels. There are villas 200 - 500 m from the beaches. The private sector prevails in many cities of the country such as Budva, Petrovac, Herceg Novi and Ulcin.

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