The Republic of Singapore is a city-state located on the islands in Southeast Asia, separated from the southern tip of the Malacca Peninsula by the narrow Johor Strait. It borders with the sultanate of Johor, a part of Malaysia, and the islands of Riau in Indonesia.
Singapore is called an unusual Asian city. This city is not only a shopping center of the whole region, but also a favorite tourist destination, where visitors from all over the world come to witness the beauty and power of this place. In Singapore modern skyscrapers and colonial neighborhoods blend almost perfectly; the city has beautiful green parks, temples and a lot of entertainment.
The area of ​​Singapore is 715.8 square km (2012), and it is gradually increasing due to the program of land reclamation, which has been in effect since the 1960s. Currently, the state of Singapore consists of 63 islands. The largest of them are Singapore (main island), Ubin, Tekong Besar, Brani, Sentosa, Semakau and Sudong. The highest point is the Bukit Timah hill (163.3 m).
The climate is tropical - hot and humid. Throughout the year the daytime temperature is about +30 C, the night temperature is about +23 C. Periodic precipitation in the form of torrential rains.
In Singapore the Chinese, Malaysians, Indians and English peacefully live side by side, celebrating their religious holidays together. The city is very clean and incredibly calm. Much is forbidden here, for example: you cannot chew gum, throw cigarette butts on the ground or eat in the subway - for all of the there is a punishment. But thanks to the strictest hygiene, it is impossible to get poisoned even in the smallest, God-forgotten eatery. And with the onset of darkness, the city continues to be as safe as it is during the day. Women don’t have to be afraid to go home alone late at night. In Singapore, there is also no chaos on the roads, unlike other Asian metropolises. Public transportation is easily accessible and it takes less than half an hour to get anywhere in the city, and a taxi is quite inexpensive.
Singapore is a gourmet's paradise. Singapore cuisine combines all the culinary traditions of the world. In Singapore you can taste dishes of Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indian, Mexican, European and Thai cuisines, and culinary masterpieces of any country in the world.
As for the landmarks in Singapore, they are almost everywhere!
Singapore Zoo. This zoo is designed as an open space zoo - there are no cells or other fences. However, visitors do not need to worry about their safety, because such natural barriers as, for example, ditches with water, shrubs and dry branches that separate animals and visitors separate. So you can freely observe the life of any inhabitants of the zoo, as if you are in the wild.
Birds Park Jurong. The Singapore Bird Park is one of the most beautiful in the world; it is a home to more than 500 species of birds from all over the world.
National Reserve Bukit Timah. There are only two reserves in the world located directly in the city: one is in Rio de Janeiro and the other is here in Singapore. It has more plant species than the one in North America.
Sentosa Island. The largest oceanarium in Asia is located on Sentosa Island, and it is also the Underwater World. This oceanarium is made in the form of a tunnel with a moving path, during which you can enjoy beautiful inhabitants of the underwater world. Sometimes there is a feeling that it is you who are under water in a huge ocean and a lot of stingrays, sharks, moray eels and other strange-looking fish swim around you. And in the evening one more incredible event awaits you on Sentosa Island - The Singing Fountains Show - a laser show that is organized in a large amphitheater where fountains are located. Among the brightest and most interesting places on the island of Sentosa is the Butterfly Park. There is an infinite variety of butterflies of the most unique colors and sizes. It seems that these are not insects but a flower bed.

Singapore has the world's largest observation wheel. Its height is 165 meters, which is 30 meters above the Ferris wheel in London, and the diameter is 150 meters. The wheel is equipped with 28 glass cabins with air conditioner, and each can accommodate 28 people. Panoramic views of Singapore open from the wheel, and you can see the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Here, famous "Marina Bay" route for "Formula 1" of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore. It is a unique and enchanting show. The route is famous for its speed, and it annually gathers tourists from all countries of the world.
The Hindu temple of Sri Mariamman is a special place, the most ancient Indian temple on the island erected in the center of the old Chinatown in 1827. The first thing you can see approaching the five-tiered temple is the decorated with a huge number of sculptural images of the gods and exotic monsters gate tower.

The famous Marina Bay, or Marina Sky Park, is located on the roof of the newest Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Three huge 58-storey towers of the resort are connected by a single "deck" with a swimming pool, a recreation area for hotel guests and an observation deck of Marina Sky Park, and underneath it the left part of the "deck" is reserved. There are fantastic views of the surrounding area from here. This place is visited by about 2750 people daily.

Orchid Road - the famous street of Singapore existing since 1840, but it became the center of commerce of the city only in the 1970s.
High-rise buildings of shopping centers and first-class hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and concert halls are concentrated in this area. In a word, Orchid Road is a real showcase of wealth and success of the local elite. At the western end of Orchid Road is the pearl of Singapore - the Botanical Garden founded in 1859.
And this is only a small part of what you can see in Singapore!

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