Work in Europe for hostess models

Work for girls in Europe. The company is hiring girls to work in Europe on consumption. The job is to communicate with customers, without performances, not topless, no sex or striptease, etc. It is an open system.
Work in Europe for hostess models is to work on consumption. Work only in tested clubs with reliable managers. A great opportunity to live in Europe, get impressions from the trip, get acquainted with new culture and new people, gain work experience and earn money.
The duties of the girls include communication with visitors, having dinner and accompanying them, create a fun atmosphere in the club, participate as extras outside the bar, a discotheque. Hostess models must not provide sex services and leave the club with its gests. You are not required to drink alcohol.
The term of the contract is 3 months. Working hours are from 22.30 to 5.00 in the morning. 1 day off per week. On their days off girls can freely move around the city, in addition, on weekends, it is possible to travel to other cities, upon agreement with the manager.
The girls are met and supervised by a manager who helps with work and provides support throughout the contract. The manager of our company always stays in touch with the girls and helps to solve emerging issues. The company provides comfortable accommodation with all amenities. Models - hostesses live in apartments, 2 people per room. Girls pay for their meals. Since club visitors invite girls to dinner in the club quite often, it is possible to significantly save money on food.
Salary depends on the consumption: as a rule, girls earn 50-80 euro per night. On average, girls receive 1300-2000 euro per month. The salary is paid once every two weeks. There is also a system of bonuses for consumption.
Girls pay for visa and airfare. The cost of opening a Schengen visa is usually from 400 euro, the cost of a round trip is from 300 Euro. With an average cost of 700-800 euro, it is possible to pay off the expenses within the first 7-10 days of work. Girls file for visa and choose the best route for their flight on their own. Nevertheless, departure dates must be discussed with managers.
To work on consumption, girls must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years, slim, with pleasant appearance, sociable, funny, with some knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English), preferably with experience in entertainment industry.
To work in Europe you need:
Send your CV with information on your age, height, weight, parameters, citizenship, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and work experience;
Photo (studio and from real life) taken within the last 6 months, full-length and close-up. At least 10 photos. Contact our managers through our website.
Resume with full information can be sent to our e-mail or you can use the resume submission form on our website.

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